What are The Good Internet Deals & Plans for Students

What are The Good Internet Deals and Plans for Students?

Students use the Internet for online classes, research, assignments, and communication. But good internet deals for students can be overwhelming with so many internet providers and plans available. 

A strong and affordable connection is crucial for all relying on the internet. But what are the good deals and internet plans for students? That’s what I will glance through in this blog.

What are The Benefits of the Internet for Students?

The Internet provides access to educational resources and enables online learning and communication with professors and classmates. Also, it offers opportunities for research and collaboration. A reliable internet connection can significantly impact a student’s academic performance and overall experience.

  • Students can search for the relevant content on the internet for their study.
  • They can communicate with their classmates for group study
  • Students can participate in online classes from home during lockdown.
  • They can use study management software and download study materials
  • Internet saves money for printing any sheets and papers
  • They can access to the online libraries from anywhere in the world.
  • Students can earn tuition money from freelancing and part-time jobs
  • They can research career planning from expert courses and workshops

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Internet Plan for Students

You must consider the internet speed, data caps, contract details, and equipment charges to sign up for the best internet connection. 

Connection Speed

Internet speed is mandatory for streaming courses, downloading large files, and handling multiple devices simultaneously. Choose a plan that offers sufficient speed to meet your needs.

Data Caps

Some internet plans have data caps, which limit the amount of data or bandwidth you can consume in a month. Consider your monthly data usage when choosing a plan.

Contract Length

Internet plans typically have contract terms ranging from 12 to 24 months. You will have a notice period when quitting a connection.

Equipment Fees

Some internet providers charge additional fees for cables, ONU, and routers. Consider purchasing your own equipment to save money in the long run.

Customer Service

Reliable customer service is essential for troubleshooting and resolving concerns. Check reviews and ratings to assess the reputation of the internet provider’s customer service.

What are Some Good Internet Deals for Students?

Several internet providers offer special discounts and packages for students. Here are some of the most popular options:

Ranks Net BD

Ranksnet BD offers a variety of internet plans with speeds starting at 15 Mbps. This plan is ideal for students who are not earning enough to bear living costs. They get enough bandwidth and extra FTP services at affordable costs.

Dot Internet

Dot internet is a good deal for students. They provide 25 Mbps speed as their starter package for the same price of 15 Mbps as other ISPs. Students can use this cost-friendly pack and perform freelancing and content watching besides their studies.

Link 3 Technologies

Link 3 is one of the pioneer ISPs in Bangladesh for students. They offer internet deals for college students and school students. Their package starts with 5 Mbps speed and gradually increases. Students can find Link 3 connections from any place in the country.

How Can a Student Save Money on The Internet?

Students can research any government program to get a commission on the internet. Plus, they can negotiate with the provider for a bundled service. 

Check Eligibility for Government Programs 

The government fixed a rate for a country so that students can take the most minimal package. Also, they can use any discount from their scholarship while connecting with BTCL.

Bundle Services

Students can consider bundling their Internet service with other services, such as cable TV or phone, to get a better overall price.

Negotiate with ISP

Students can contact their internet provider and ask if they are willing to offer promotions or discounts. Some ISPs have dedicated packages for students.

Use Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi hotspots available in libraries, cafes, and other public spaces can reduce student mobile data costs.


Overall, good internet deals for students can be accessible. But, a student must consider the needs, budget, and available options to choose the right internet deals. 

They can explore the offerings of different internet providers, compare prices and features, and take advantage of student discounts and government programs to save money. Using the internet for school students can help them do group work from home and research their lessons easily. Therefore, they must make the most stable connection.


Can you get a student discount on the Internet?

Yes, many internet providers offer special discounts and packages for students. These discounts can significantly reduce the cost of internet service, making it more affordable for students on a tight budget. Some ISPs emit the connection charge for students.

What are the 10 benefits of the Internet for students?

Students can complete these activities with the Internet at an affordable cost. 1. Doing homework. 2. Attending virtual classes. 3. Submitting presentation and answer sheets. 4. Share and manage notes. 5. Watching courses. 6. Watching practical experiments. 7. Growing additional skills. 8. Downloading eBooks. 9. Enjoying leisure. 10. Communicating with home and relatives.

What is the best Internet speed for students?

An internet speed of 15-25 Mbps is generally recommended for a smooth and reliable student connection. Internet providers often refer to this speed as “Starter Internet.” With this speed, you can comfortably handle online classes, video calls, streaming, web browsing, and downloading files without experiencing buffering or lag.

What type of internet connection is best for students?

The best type of internet connection for students will depend on their individual needs. A CAT 6 cable or fiber optic connection is typically the best choice for students who need a fast and reliable connection. These connections can handle multiple devices and streaming video without any problems.

How can a student troubleshoot an internet issue?

There are a few things a student can do to troubleshoot internet problems. Restarting ONU and router is the first task. Then, checking the cable is the second task. After that, the students can update the network adapter and router’s firmware. Contacting the ISP is the best decision if none of the above works.

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