Best Home Internet Plans, Packages & Prices

Best Home Internet Plans, Packages & Prices

You use the internet to check emails, browse social media, stream movies, manage home accessories, and play games online, right? So you need cheap home internet plans for all the family members. You must check the home internet price plans to select an efficient one. 

But there are so many different internet providers and plans available. Finding the fastest home internet speed at an affordable price can be difficult. So today, we will look at the factors for cheap home internet providers and plans.

What are The Best Home Internet Plans?

More than five nationwide internet service providers give you enormous browsing and downloading experience. You can understand your demanding speed if you know how to control home appliances using the internet.

RanksNet, Dot Internet, and Link3 Technologies offer small, medium, and large packages with certain benefits.  We analyzed all their plans and made a speed structure for your home connection. Please match the requirements for the best home internet packages for your home.

  • Small Home Package: Link3 offers the most affordable home internet plans ranging from 5 to 10 Mbps. It can be your best choice if you only need the internet for browsing and small tasks. But RanksNet offers the best speed and additional features for 15 to 30 Mbps connection.
  • Medium Package: When you need to use the internet for downloading tasks or movie streams, you need medium packages. Dot Internet offers packages like those ranging between 15 to 50 Mbps. They have an additional TV server for your entertainment.
  • Heavy Usage: If you have a large family and multiple rooms, Ranks Net offers the best internet plan for you. Subscribe to their 20 to 2000 Mbps package and enjoy a bufferless internet experience. Cache and BDIX speed will give you a soothing internet experience.

Factors to Consider for Home Internet Plans

You must compare the speed, reliability, price, and conditions to select the best home internet plans. Best ISPs provide the best internet speed for smart homes with the cheapest internet plans. But, premium service may cost you a little more.


How fast internet connection do you need for daily chores? Streaming movies and downloading files require a faster connection than checking emails and social media. So you have to pay money if you focus on family entertainment.


You will need a reliable service provider if you work from home or rely on the Internet for other important tasks. In addition, your must-have reliable connection when your family members play games or stay connected on call often.


Extremely cheap home internet is not worth your need. This connection is shared among many people, so there will be a limit on peak hours. Therefore, explore the wide range of prices available. Also, finding a provider that gives extra bandwidth, FTP, and other facilities is less expensive.


Some internet providers have data caps. They will slow down your connection speed during a certain period. If you work remotely from home, choose a provider that does not have a data limitation.

Types of Connection for Home Internet Plan

Different types of internet connections are available with particular advantages and disadvantages. You have to make a connection that does not stop in any circumstances. Cable and fiber optic connections are the top choice for home internet plans.

Cable Internet

Cable internet is the most common high-speed internet connection. It offers fast speeds from 50 to 1,000 Mbps. This connection relies on CAT-6 cable and router, keeping the connectivity automatically.

Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber optic internet is the fastest type of internet connection, delivering speeds of up to 2,000 Mbps or more. It is the best choice for a large home to avoid packet loss. You can connect to multiple routers from the fiber optic cable.

How to Save Money on Home Internet Plans?

There are a number of ways to save money on your internet bill. You can bundle your home internet plans, negotiate the price, and use bonus offers to reduce the price.

  • Bundle Internet Plans: Many providers offer discounts when you bundle your internet with your television or IP calling service. IP calling allows you to call on any number from the internet.
  • Negotiate Price: If you are a heavy user, you can negotiate your rate with your provider. Almost all providers allow custom plans (except some standard data packages).
  • Promotional Offers: Many providers offer promotions for new customers, such as free connection setup or billing discounts. If you pay bills in advance, you can also get the discounts.


Do you have home internet security and many attached devices? Then, we recommend you take a medium or large home internet plan. But for small families, just take a small speed plan that will serve your purpose.

What type of internet is best for home?

A fiber optic connection is best for a home internet plan. The cables directly connect to the ONU and router, so there is less possibility of any damage and speed loss. Your family members do not have to replace fiber optic like CAT 6-based connection.

How much is 5 Mbps WiFi in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission set a standard internet rate for all users. Now, everyone can get a 5Mbps internet connection for 500 BDT or $5 USD approximately. No ISPs can charge more than this price for a 5Mbps connection.

Is 50 Mbps a good internet speed?

For average users, the 50 Mbps connection is more than their needs! With this speed, users can watch movies, browse social media, call online, and download files. This speed range is best for a medium or large family.

How much Mbps is good Wi-Fi for a Home?

25 Mbps internet speed is good for Wi-Fi connection for homes. You can use multiple devices at the same time with this plan. More importantly, this speed ensures you do not lose any data, as there are enough career speeds.  On the contrary, 50 Mbpos speed is better for large households.

How to increase internet speed at home?

You can perform some actions to boost your home internet connection. These are: 1. Restart the router for clean data transmission. 2. Turn off background data from devices. 3. Update all software. 4. Disconnect unnecessary devices. 5. Download one file at a time. 6. Use good-quality routers and cables. 7. Select reputed ISPs.

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